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The Ingham Institute Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre is an integral part of the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research. The Centre is governed by the Institute Board and is managed by a Board established management and reporting structure.

The Centre was first developed from the Clinical Skills Training Centre which was established in 2000 by UNSW Australia in a partnership with Liverpool Hospital with a $150,000 infrastructure grant. In 2006 the Centre was named The Stephen Deane Clinical Skills Training Centre in recognition of the leading role that Professor Stephen Deane, the Foundation Professor of Surgery at Liverpool Hospital, played in the establishment of the facility. In the following year, UNSW made a further $100,000 capital grant. UNSW is committed to continue to provide recurrent funding for consumables and employment of Centre staff and has contributed more than $2m to the Centre since its establishment.

The leading role of UNSW continues and has been supplemented with support from the Western Sydney University (Western). UNSW manages the day-to-day operations of the Centre with input from the Ingham Institute Chief Operating Officer and direction from the Centre Governance, Management and Planning Committee. This peak Committee reports to the Ingham Institute Board and consists of representatives from the Ingham Institute, Liverpool Hospital, UNSW Australia, Western and vocational training staff from across the District. The Committee has responsibility for overseeing the implementation of training as well as development of funding proposals for further expansion of the Centre.

The Centre management reporting structure is as outlined below.

Governance Model

Ingham Institute CSSC Governance, Management and Planning Committee Terms of Reference

1. Purpose
  To report to the Ingham Institute Board; to provide advice to the Clinical Associate Deans and the Clinical Teaching Committee on skills training initiatives at South Western Sydney teaching hospital campuses as conducted at the Stephen Deane Clinical Skills Training and Simulation Centre at Liverpool Hospital.
2. Objectives
  • To oversee the implementation of clinical skills training for pre-vocational students, vocational trainees and staff across all health disciplines at south western Sydney hospital campuses.
  • To provide direction on the development of new clinical skills training activities as such activities are resourced.
  • To develop proposals for additional resourcing and future enhancement of the Clinical Skills Training and Simulation Centre at Liverpool Hospital.
  • To explore alternative educational tools and models for clinical skills training.
  • To receive reports from the Clinical Skills Centre Coordinator on current skills training activity.
  • To ensure accessibility of skills training for the range of stakeholders in clinical skills and simulation at Liverpool Hospital.
  • To promote research which validates the use of simulated environments as an adjunct to the clinical experience.
  • To oversee the staffing, finances and operational activity of the facility.
  • To report to the Board on the operational viability of the facility, and
  • To establish risk management and Occupational Health and Safety procedures in the facility.
3. Membership
  • Ingham Institute Board Member, Liverpool Hospital General Manager (Convener)
  • Clinical Associate Dean, South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW (Chair)
  • Research Director or nominee, Ingham Institute
  • Chief Operating Officer, Ingham Institute
  • Representative of Western Sydney University
  • Chair of Clinical Teaching Committee
  • Representative of Allied Health
  • Representative of Nursing Education
  • Representative of Centre for Education and Workforce Development
  • Representative of Critical Care
  • Representative of Medicine
  • Representative of Surgery
  • Representative of Women’s and Children’s Health
  • Junior Medical Staff representative
  • Undergraduate medical student representative(s)
4. In Attendance
  • Chief of Staff, South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW (Secretariat)
5. Meetings
  • Bi-Monthly
6. Quorum
  • 50% of membership + 1. Must include either one of:
    • Ingham Institute Board Member; or
    • Research Director, Ingham Institute; or
    • Chief Operating Officer, Ingham Institute
7. Reporting
  • The Committee is accountable to the Board of the Ingham Institute and provides regular reports to the Board via the Board representative on the Committee who also acts as the Convener of the Committee.
8. Review
  • Membership to be reviewed annually by the Convener and Chair.
  • Terms of reference to be reviewed by the membership biennially.
  • Last review September 2014


Key Contacts

Chief of Staff, SWSCS
Phone: +61 2 9065 8438
Lecturer, Skills and Simulation
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