SWS Clinical Skills and Simulation

Strategic Plan

The Ingham Institute Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre held a planning workshop on 11 July 2014 to commence the development of its inaugural strategic plan.

By 2020, the Centre aims to reach success through:

  • research and teaching programs integrated and providing demonstrable improvements to patient outcomes
  • improvement coming directly from the Centre's contribution to improved team-based, patient-based and evidence-based clinical practice
  • research programs having expanded substantially
  • a teaching program that is structured, strategic and incorporates care in community-based and primary care settings
  • leading a major culture change in the District's adoption of simulation education
  • networking with other simulation and skills centres in conducting research and forming educational partnerships
  • diversification of its funding sources and establishment of a sound financial footing
  • engaging effectively with the local community and developing a strong profile.

A working party has been established by the Governance, Planning and Management Committee which will work towards effecting some of the strategies developed on the day.

Key Contacts

Chief of Staff, SWSCS
Phone: +61 2 9065 8438
Lecturer, Skills and Simulation
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