SWS Clinical Skills and Simulation

AV and Studiocode

LCD Projection and Laptops are located in all of the Centre’s Debrief Rooms and come as standard for each booking. The Skills Labs and the Simulation Labs all have large screen TVs that can be used for presentations and video. Laptops are available within the centre for use with these. Videoconference and teleconference facilities are available on enquiry. Internet access is available with prior arrangement. We are able to live stream video and audio from the simulation spaces to one or many of the debrief rooms simultaneously. Within the Consult Rooms there is capacity to play video and audio live from one room at a time.

Control Room

The Centre also has Studiocode Software available for video recording and playback of simulation scenarios that take place in either the Sim Labs or Skills Labs. Studiocode is a software platform utilised by educators to support feedback and debriefing after a learning event. The software may also be used to undertake research on the effectiveness of education activities and learners knowledge and skill retention. 

Key Contacts

Chief of Staff, SWSCS
Phone: +61 2 9065 8438
Lecturer, Skills and Simulation
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