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UNSW Australia owns a number of mannequins in a variety of fidelities for use by undergraduates, postgraduates and in vocational training. These include the latest in SimMan 3G technology along with lower fidelity mannequins like MegaCode Kelly and specific mannequins for training skills such as basic life support. The Ingham Institute Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre incorporates a range of audio-visual aimed at enabling training groups to gain the most from this equipment. More information on the specific mannequins available along with the capacity of those mannequins is outlined below.


Resources Available

For more information on these resources, please contact Technical Officer Kylie French

SimMan 3G

SimMan 3G is an adult patient simulator designed to deliver the most realistic training possible whilst remaining easy to set up and simple to operate. SimMan 3G comes with a long list of features that will optimise simulation training scenarios including automatic drug recognition, light sensitive pupils, bodily fluid excretion and Wi-Fi portability. Wireless technology makes SimMan 3G flexible and mobile, so that it is possible to conduct training for the entire rescue chain and allow team training which includes patient handover and emergency reporting.

MegaCode Kelly MegaCode Kelly SimPad

A full-body manikin designed for the practice of advanced, difficult and obstructed airway scenarios and IV therapy.  MegaCode Kelly with SimPad allows cardiac defibrillation, pacing and ECG interpretation of over 1400 rhythm variations.

Integrate pre-programmed simulation content designed to provide students with realistic scenario-based clinical training focusing on specific learning objectives geared toward patient assessment, patient diagnosis, interventions and management of care to improve to student’s critical thinking and decision making skills.

Resusci Anne Simulator 

Based on the learning objectives and curriculum of various emergency medical personnel, this full-bodied simulator is the perfect training companion for hospitals, emergency medicine and military personnel, as well as educational centers.

The Resusci Anne Simulator provides the key simulation functionalities including a high-quality airway, spontaneous breathing, ECG, live defibrillation, IV, blood pressure, voice, lung sounds and heart sounds for basic simulation training.

Ambu Airway SmartMan 

Ambu Airway SmartMan has an operating trachea and esophagus plus a working chest cavity with lung and a complete torso. The Airway SmartMan expands the range of learning skills available with real time visual feedback.


SimNewB has been designed by Laerdal with the American Academy of Pediatrics to meet the training requirements of neonatal emergency medicine and resuscitation courses.

With realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback, SimNewB is ideal for training for the specific needs of neonates. 

Tuff Kelly

The full-body manikin with realistic weight for extrication and rescue training.

I-Simulate Platform 

The ALSi Patient Simulation platform is a hyper flexible simulator that enables advanced patient simulations to be run quickly and easily.Students view a realistic patient monitor while the instructor uses a handheld control pad to control everything from parameters to time.



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