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The South Western Sydney Clinical School has invested more than $3.7m in the renovation of existing teaching space across the south western Sydney campuses and installed uniwide and a videoconference network across these sites to ensure easy access to teaching material by our students. There are more than 18 sites from which south western Sydney based students, academics and researchers can access the network and dial anywhere in the world that has a public address. 

In the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, videoconferencing to other sites is available in most venues using the high quality cameras and audio equipment in the room. Dedicated videoconferencing is available in each of the four Debrief and Seminar rooms with one room able to access this facility at any one time.

Debrief 3

Videoconference facilities can be booked by students and staff by booking the room in which they reside. Instructions of making calls are available in each room and where additional support or infrastructure is required this can be obtained by contacting the School in advance by emailing swsydvc@unsw.edu.au

Directory of Videoconference Facilities 

Bankstown Clinical School, Level 2 blh.school@med.unsw.edu.au
  Conference Room 2, Level 4 blh.con2@med.unsw.edu.au
Braeside Education Centre brae.education@med.unsw.edu.au
Fairfield Boardroom, Level 1 frf.boardroom@med.unsw.edu.au
  GP Unit, Level 2 frf.gpunit@med.unsw.edu.au
Ingham Institute Meeting Room, Level 2 ingham.level2@med.unsw.edu.au
  Meeting Room, Level 3 ingham.level3@med.unsw.edu.au
Liverpool 3139A, Clinical Building liv.3139a@med.unsw.edu.au
  4147, Clinical Building liv.4147@med.unsw.edu.au
  5151, Clinical Building liv.5151@med.unsw.edu.au
  Auditorium, Education Centre liv.auditorium@med.unsw.edu.au
  Chief of Staff, Clinical School liv.chief@med.unsw.edu.au
  Conference Room 2, Education Centre liv.con2@med.unsw.edu.au
  Mobile Unit liv.mobile@med.unsw.edu.au
  Collaboration Space, Clinical School liv.school@med.unsw.edu.au
  Seminar Room 3, Education Centre liv.sem3@med.unsw.edu.au
  Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre liv.simulation@med.unsw.edu.au
  Theatre 6, Clinical Building liv.theatre6@med.unsw.edu.au


Key Contacts

Chief of Staff, SWSCS
Phone: +61 2 9065 8438
Lecturer, Skills and Simulation
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