SWS Clinical Skills and Simulation


A major focus for UNSW Australia and our partners in the Ingham Institute Clinical Skills and Simulation Centrei is on the development of research using simulation environments. Research will focus on: 

  • evaluation of simulated learning environments as a modality for teaching; and
  • the use of simulation to assist in the translation of research into clinical practice.

Check back here for additional information on our research priorities. 

The Centre provides a unique opportunity for the School to support research into the effectiveness of simulation as a learning methodology or in the translation of research findings into clinical practice in a simulated environment. 

The Ingham Institute invites applications for simulation in healthcare grant funded by targeted charitable donations of the Institute’s supporters. The total amount available is $15,000 and it can be awarded as one or two grants. Applications should be written in a lay language, limited to four A4 pages and include: title of the project; investigators; description of the aims, proposed outcomes and methods; project timeframe; indicative budget; chief investigators’ track record in similar research.

Key Contacts

Chief of Staff, SWSCS
Phone: +61 2 9065 8438
Lecturer, Skills and Simulation
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