SWS Clinical Skills and Simulation

Training Settings

UNSW Sydney is a partner in the Ingham Institute Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre and with Liverpool Hospital. These two settings provide a range of locations where UNSW is able to support and facilitate training with our partners in south western Sydney. 

More information on the specific training facilities is available below.

The simulated operating theatres each have an anaesthetic bay and scrub bay. A variety of learning environments can be created within this space. Perioperative team training ranging from simple case preparation and delivery through to complex team interactions with Crises Resource Management can be delivered. 

The simulation labs can be easily converted into a resuscitation bay to facilitate the delivery of Emergency and Trauma based immersive team scenarios. An extensive range of medical consumables used in emergency and trauma care is available for use during scenarios to enhance the learner’s experience.

The centre has eight replica outpatient consultation rooms located together in the consult hub. Each of these rooms has a desk, computer, patient bed, sink and patient equipment trolley. Unique to these spaces is the ability to observe and listen to the learners during scenarios in order to give them feedback on performance. 

The Skills Laboratories are purpose built to facilitate the teaching of procedural skills on part task trainers and animal tissue. Skills such as intravenous cannulation, suturing and plastering can be taught using combinations of didactic presentations and practical hands session in order to perfect the performance of the learner prior to performing on patients. 

The Centre has two classroom style debrief rooms available for use either in conjunction with the simulation/skills labs or in isolation. These rooms can be configured to meet the teaching needs of your program and include integrated audiovisual capability with ceiling mounted LCD projectors, wall mounted room control and ceiling speakers and the ability to connect either the centre’s or your own laptop via VGA, USB or HDMI. 

Through the development of a high speed videoconference network in south western Sydney and along with our partners at Liverpool Hospital, UNSW has been able to greatly enhance the learning opportunities for students and staff in the south west. 

Key Contacts

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