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Procedural Settings

Through the development of a high speed videoconference network in south western Sydney and along with our partners at Liverpool Hospital, UNSW has been able to greatly enhance the learning opportunities for students and staff in the south west. A number of facilities are currently available for use. 

Theatre 6 - Liverpool Hospital

Theatre 6 at Liverpool Hospital has incorporated the latest in videoconference technology in order to broadcast surgery. This theatre incorporates a high quality Berchtold camera into the lighting system which focuses on the surgical field. Along with additional cameras in the room, this means that Theatre 6 can be utilised to broadcast interesting cases along with teaching students and staff about theatre operations and etiquette. With the consents of the patient, the camera systems can be controlled by the surgeon during the operation. 

Theatre 6

This system also includes the option of a live feed to the nearby Theatres Training Room. This provides an option for students and staff to watch an operation of interest without the need to be in the room. In addition to this, the inclusion of videoconference in the room enables the surgeon to broadcast the room to sites anywhere on the world. Uses include live surgical cases to conferences either on site at Liverpool Hospital or anywhere on the public internet. 

Cardiac Catheter and Echo Laboratories - Liverpool Hospital

UNSW has also resourced the expansion of videoconference to the Echo and Cardiac Catheter laboratories at Liverpool Hospital. A mobile videoconference unit with capacity to broadcast both a camera and a imaging input mean that these images can be shared either locally or anywhere in the world on the public internet. Such facilities have already been utilised for postgraduate training courses in echocardiogram. Such facilities provide greater access to students and staff to training than would be possible in the physical space.

Cardiac Catheter Suite

Future Enhancements

With the establishment of mobile videoconferencing, the options for broadcast of procedures from other facilities such as radiology or endoscopy become an option. As new uses and resources to establish the network in these locations become available they will be explored. If you would like to discuss options for expanding these teaching facilities to your service, please contact Craig Smith

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